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The British Association of

Orthodox Jewish

Mental Health Professionals


          Nachas Ruach is providing an invaluable service to the Jewish community. There are many people in our community who suffer from a variety of emotional disorders. Unfortunately, many people are misinformed, and still look upon an emotional disorder as a personal blemish. Consequently, they are reluctant to accept treatment. Emotional disorders that go untreated often progress in severity, causing great distress and serious mental health complications. Nachas Ruach’s community education program is the only way to break down the barrier to accepting help. In addition, facilitating access to treatment resources is crucial. May your efforts be blessed with great success.

- Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.

          I heartily endorse the work of Nachas Ruach. They combine professionalism with compassion in assisting people & seek Rabbinic advice where needed. May Hashem grant them continued success.

- Rabbi S. F. Zimmerman (The Gateshead Rov)

          I fully endorse the wonderful work being done by the professionals, counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers and psychiatrists who work selflessly for the organisation Nachas Ruach. They have an unparalleled way of dealing compassionately with all those who approach them for guidance. May the Almighty grant them continued success to give "Nachas Ruach", peace of mind, as the name implies - to all those seeking assistance.

- Dayan Chanoch Ehrentreu